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                              全國統一服務熱線 400 072 0699



                              The construction and decoration project of M'BANG ("MBANG" or "Mei Bang") is the first large decoration group specializing in commercial & office space, construction decoration, furniture production and soft fitting. It is a member of the Chinese Architectural Decoration Association and a well-known trademark enterprise in Jiangsu. Design Class A and construction one level qualification. Through the 1SO9001:2008 quality system certification.

                              Over the past ten years, as a leader in office and public space design, American state has won hundreds of design awards at home and abroad. It provides excellent design and construction for the world's top 500 enterprises, ShoppingMall and well-known domestic enterprises in China, and maintains long-term cooperation through good construction quality and after-sales service. Relationship. A large number of outstanding achievements have been left in the well-known commercial spaces, occupying a large share of the commercial and office space decoration market in East China.

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